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Experienced Mobilehome Residency Law Attorney in Cerritos 

The Law Offices of Larry W. Weaver has represented the owners and operators of manufactured home communities for more than 25 years. Our commitment to providing owners and operators with both legal and business advice has helped us to build a strong and dedicated relationship with the people who run mobilehome parks on a day-to-day basis throughout California.

We are pleased to assist clients with the many issues that relate to operating a mobilehome park. We have helped owners with evictions and rent control, in addition to the following:

  • Disputes between residents
  • Unsightly properties
  • Approval of prospective residents
  • Complaints against residents
  • Disputes between residents and managers

Multi-Faceted Legal and Practical Support

Our experience in assisting owners has led us to believe that no problem is too big to overcome. We work with each client to determine their goals in any given situation and plan a strategy to reach those goals. While strategizing, we attempt to craft a plan for future avoidance of the issue, limiting your need for extensive legal counsel down the road.

Our representation is efficient and cost effective; we have likely seen your problem before and have a good idea on how to deal with it. Our knowledge of California’s legal system lends us great insight into what strategies have a likelihood of succeeding in court.

Constructing Policies and Procedures

Throughout our years of practice, we have come to realize that the best strategy for success in court is adherence to a set of published procedures or polices. We believe it best for each owner to make residents and staff well aware of these guidelines and follow them to the letter. The demonstrated effort to go through the proper procedures for evictions or other disputes greatly increases the likelihood of success in court.

A set of guidelines also limits the need for the involvement of a lawyer in most issues. This obviously saves you money in the long term, while creating a smoothly run environment for residents and staff alike.

We Have “Seen It All”

From protecting your 55+ community against non-eligible occupants to difficult evictions, we have experience handling all types of cases. We offer knowledgeable advice on your current situation and how to avoid problems in the future. Our attorneys regularly participate in mobilehome community owner conferences, continuing legal education programs, authorship in trade journals — and we know how you think and what you need.

We can be reached by e-mail or by telephone at 562-924-0900.

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